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The cabinet has approved the New Education Policy 2020. There are lot of noteworthy points to discuss about the new policy. Some of the reforms will help us align with SDG4 & SDG5. The following are some of the highlights, there are more: >… Continue Reading “NEW EDUCATION POLICY 2020 & REFORMS”

IT certification industry in India

India is an over crowded marketplace in the IT certification training business space. This is primarily due to the fact that this is an unregulated industry in which grey market operators who appear to make a quick money can thrive without being reprimanded for… Continue Reading “IT certification industry in India”

AICTE Inspections to be done online

This is a good decision by AICTE, online inspections are good and should reduce corruption. All the documents for compliance to requirements must be submitted online. I guess this decision is taken post lockdown to avoid the risk of inspectors exposure to coronavirus.