Category: Leadership

Situational Leadership

The leadership approach that i like the most, Situational Leadership. It requires the leader to adapt his style to different situations. Employees move back and forth across the development continuum and leader has to adapt his style to meet the development level of employee….

Leaders and Managers

If Leaders are those who give vision, direction, inspire people, setting examples and building teams then who are managers? What managers do in organizations? Managers are those who manage the organizations resources efficiently and effectively. They maintain the steady state environment in the organization….

The bases of power in Leadership

The two popular bases of power in leadership are Position Power and Personal power. Position power includes legitimate, reward and coercive. Personal power includes referent and expert. Position power is when someone derives power from a rank or a position in the organization, like…

Leadership Quotes

“The higher the self esteem of a leader, the more likely it is that he or she can inspire the best in others. A mind that does not trust itself cannot inspire greatness in the minds of colleagues and subordinates” – Dr.Nathaniel Branden “Twenty…