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E-Waste has the most devastating effects on the environment. World produces just over 50 million tonnes of e-waste each year and out of this only 18 to 20 percent is recycled. ( The rest 80% of e-waste is ending up in landfills and is… Continue Reading “WORLD’S INVISIBLE WASTE”

Global warming and heavy rains

The recent (October 15 to 22, 2020) heavy rains (and flooding) in Hyderabad (South Indian City) is an result of severe climate change effects. Temperatures are rising and the water holding capacity of atmosphere increases by 4% for every 1 Degree Fahrenheit rise in… Continue Reading “Global warming and heavy rains”

zoonotic diseases, can we stop them?

As we cut down more trees and bring down forests, and threaten the habitat of wild animals and other species we encounter more new animal infections. Zoonotic diseases (diseases that spread from animals to humans) are on the rise, we have seen HIV/AIDS, SARS,… Continue Reading “zoonotic diseases, can we stop them?”

Global warming and why this 1.5 degrees is important

1.5 Degrees Celsius is an important milestone which will keep the global warming to less devastating impact. This means that every fraction of additional warming beyond 1.5 degrees will cause a devastating impact on the global environment, impacting livelihoods and economies. The CO2 emissions… Continue Reading “Global warming and why this 1.5 degrees is important”


We are already aware that microplastics was found inside the bodies of a wide variety of marine animals, including fish. Recently a technique was found to identify microplastics in human tissues. Given the fact that we eat and breathe thousands of particles of micro… Continue Reading “PLASTIC CAN ENTER INTO HUMAN TISSUES”


Arctic is heating twice as fast as the global average, the volume of arctic sea ice by September 2019 after the melting season has declined by 50% compared to the average between 1980 to 2019. Less and less of arctic sea ice and warming… Continue Reading “ARCTIC SEA ICE MELTING AND ENVIRONMENTal impact”

World’s new waste management challenge

The new global waste management challenge is COVID19 waste. Majority of the surgical masks, gloves and other Personal protective equipment used in COVID19 health care facilities are made from single use plastic. These are being dumped carelessly by waste management companies leading to environment… Continue Reading “World’s new waste management challenge”

Fresh water – Clock is ticking in India

Do you know that fresh water resources available in the world is just 2.7% of worlds water? The rest of the water (97%) is in the ocean. Out of this 2.7% fresh water, approximately 30% fresh water (30% of 2.7%) comes from rivers, streams,… Continue Reading “Fresh water – Clock is ticking in India”

Denmark – Water resource management

Denmark is the only country in the world where drinking water supply comes from ground water. Danish waste water treatment, sewage management, rainwater management, river water management, industrial waste management are the best in the world. Such quality of water resource management comes at… Continue Reading “Denmark – Water resource management”

World Environment day and India’s SDGs

June 5th was World Environment Day, the regular annual event by UN Environment programme was postponed to 2021. COVID-19 is the result of excessive human encroachment of natural environment. COVID-19, like SARS and Ebola is a zoonotic disease, zoonotic diseases are those which get… Continue Reading “World Environment day and India’s SDGs”

Sustainable development

India is one of the worlds worst among the developing nations in solid waste management. India generates approximately 60 million tons of solid waste per year. At least 50% of all the waste coming from urban India and which includes waste from chemical factories,… Continue Reading “Sustainable development”