E-Waste has the most devastating effects on the environment. World produces just over 50 million tonnes of e-waste each year and out of this only 18 to 20 percent is recycled. ( The rest 80% of e-waste is ending up in landfills and is recycled illegally by workers in third world countries who work in unprotected and unsafe conditions and get exposed to hazardous chemicals like lead and mercury. Illegal landfills containing e-waste is also contaminating ground water sources.(In europe which leads in e-waste recycling only 35% is reported to be collected and recycled). More than 50 tonnes of mercury is released into the environment every year due to this e-waste. Disposal of air conditioners and refrigerators have increased in the year 2019 and will increase more in the future, this is leading to release of 100 million tonnes of green house gases per year. Please read the e-waste monitor here: Majority of e-waste is transported to third world countries illegally through criminal gangs. ( Example: Every smartphone needs 60 different metals to be built, therefore the need and demand for metals is increasing, thus leading to massive increase in e-waste as most of the devices life span is short. Export of e-waste is regulated under Basel Convention but illegal exports to third world countries continue due to lack of proper enforcement. New vision: Economic value of e-waste: There is more gold in 100 tonnes of smartphones than in a ton of gold ore. Planet earths valuable minerals are in people homes and landfills.