Month: October 2020

Global warming and heavy rains

The recent (October 15 to 22, 2020) heavy rains (and flooding) in Hyderabad (South Indian City) is an result of severe climate change effects. Temperatures are rising and the water holding capacity of atmosphere increases by 4% for every 1 Degree Fahrenheit rise in… Continue Reading “Global warming and heavy rains”


The last post i wrote about plastic pollution was on August 22, 2020. Today i am again giving a reminder of the danger single use plastic brings to us and our future generations. When i first saw the reuters infographic on “plateful of plastic”… Continue Reading “PLASTIC IN OUR EVERYDAY DIET?”

zoonotic diseases, can we stop them?

As we cut down more trees and bring down forests, and threaten the habitat of wild animals and other species we encounter more new animal infections. Zoonotic diseases (diseases that spread from animals to humans) are on the rise, we have seen HIV/AIDS, SARS,… Continue Reading “zoonotic diseases, can we stop them?”

Global warming and why this 1.5 degrees is important

1.5 Degrees Celsius is an important milestone which will keep the global warming to less devastating impact. This means that every fraction of additional warming beyond 1.5 degrees will cause a devastating impact on the global environment, impacting livelihoods and economies. The CO2 emissions… Continue Reading “Global warming and why this 1.5 degrees is important”