interesting data from global risk report 2020

New technologies in the 4TH IR is likely to create great impact on the global economy. Artificial intelligence is expected to boost the global economy by 14% by 2030. With nearly two thirds of world population likely to own a mobile phone and nearly 1 million people expected to join internet every day, we are also likely to see increasing risks, particularly in the area of cybersecurity. Cyber attacks is going to become the world’s top 5th risk in 2020 and there is going to be a huge increase in cybercrimes on IoT platforms and devices. It is expected that nearly 40 billion IoT devices are going to be connected by 2025. Cyber attacks on IoT devices have increased by over 300% in 2019 and is likely to increase in the coming years. Cybercrime as a service is also increasing with easy access to malicious services and tools and their sophistication. Please see the report: