Fresh water – Clock is ticking in India

Do you know that fresh water resources available in the world is just 2.7% of worlds water? The rest of the water (97%) is in the ocean. Out of this 2.7% fresh water, approximately 30% fresh water (30% of 2.7%) comes from rivers, streams, reservoirs, lakes and ground water. The balance approximately 70% is locked up as glaciers and ice, which means this fresh water is unavailable. Fresh water unavailability is one of the worlds biggest crisis of the future. Nearly a billion people do not have access to fresh water. India is going to face severe fresh water shortage in the coming years. The severe water shortage in Chennai in 2019 is a warning sign. Is India doing something to address this shortage? The clock is ticking: One of the SGDs to be achieved: Wetlands, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, water streams are precious for our survival. Don’t allow these to disappear in your neighborhood and cities, don’t allow them to be polluted.